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Art in some form has been part of my life always, but only recently has it
become my life's work. I started with watercolor, then moved to acrylic.

I started painting what I saw, and now paint what I remember, or think about,
or feel, or just what comes off my hands to the brush to the canvas. I LOVE texture and typically create a lot of it in my work. Sometimes I texture the canvas or board before beginning to paint, and sometimes I texture as the work progresses.

Painting for me is a journey. And my intention is to paint in such a way that you can enter the piece, travel through and around it, and have your own experience—your own journey. I want you to be able to interact with my work in such a way as to evoke your memories and your spirit. I hope my paintings are a portal for you.

I hope you will look at my work on this site, or on my blog ( Come explore!
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